Piss off, ‚Alpha Boyfriend‘

[Trigger Warning: The links in this post lead to imagery that gloryfies violence against women. Be careful as it might trigger traumatic memories in some people.]

Yesterday, I wrote the following email to the contact address of the website „Memegenerator“:

Dear Sir or Madame,

I urge you to remove an extremely misogynist character called „Alpha
Boyfriend“ from your website:
That „meme“ gloryfies violence against women in relationships. I hope very much that you will not tolerate any usage of your website to distribute such works.

With best regards
Andreas Preiß

Well, actually, given the case, this is an utterly friendly version of the tweet I wrote to their Twitter account earlier:

.@memegenerator I urge you to remove that extremely mysogynist shit from your website: http://t.co/7GKJIZ0o

But unfortunately, their account does not seem to be regularly updated, so I decided to write the mail.

As my single voice might not be enough, please consider writing them, too (webmaster@memegenerator.net). The image is also featured on various other websites, so it would also be great if people contacted the most influental redistributers amongst them.

Finally, it should be stated that I am not willing to discuss the evident inacceptability of such an inhuman crap which clearly contains a message so disturbing and harmful that I am simply shocked to see people considering it as ‚fun‘. The only thing I want is to see such things being taken down. Not because of the dangerous illusion that it would ever be possible to remove such things globally and permanently, but because of the urgency of the fight against the overwhelming indifference to acts of misogyny.

Updates: Concreted a statement; added email address of memegenerator

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